Therapeutic Services


I work with individuals, couples, and adolescents ages 12 and up. My Psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes for adults (18 +) and 45 minutes for adolescents.

Songwriting Intensives

Songwriting Intensives last 1.5 hours. Customized day and half-day rates are available for larger groups.

Skype Sessions

I also offer Skype sessions for those who would like to work together but are not located in the Nashville area.


In Narrative Therapy, we create stories about ourselves that are empowering and promote healing. Despite our broken and disjointed past, the narrative approach enables a new co-authored story to set the stage for a hopeful reality. When we live out of a worthy self-concept, the story of our life takes on significance and abundance. With this in mind, Identity is a crucial piece of narrative therapy. Our identities are not the problems we face. Instead, as we embrace the struggle of our story, our identity becomes part of a much bigger picture – one that we desire and create.

  • Skype Therapy
  • $150

    per session
  • $150 / session
  • Therapy from any location
  • Individual Therapy
  • $150

    per session
  • $150 / session
  • One on one therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • $175

    per session
  • $175 / session
  • Relationship therapy
I accept cash,  personal checks, PayPal, and credit cards.  Credit cards require an additional $4 processing fee.

Whereas I do not bill insurance, I am happy to give you an invoice with all pertinent information including diagnostic codes and service charges for you to turn into your insurance company.  Payment is accepted in the beginning of each session and a receipt of services can be emailed to you afterwards.

  • Cancellation Policy:

    In accordance with the client/therapist policy agreement found in the intake paperwork, appointments cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment will be charged the full session fee. I do understand that life throws us the unexpected from time to time, so emergencies are excused from this policy.